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33 Fifth Avenue Podiatry, NY

Welcome to our podiatry practice in NY, NY.

Dear patient,

This letter is to inform you as as of January 2021, the location of Dr. Joseph S. Fox, P.C., Podiatry Associates, which has been at 33 Fifth Avenue, New York City, NY, will be relocating to:

The office is located at:
274 Madison Avenue (between 39th & 40th Streets)
Suite 605
New York, NY 10016
Phone: 212-532-8278

In order to provide you with continuity of treatment, at the level you have come to know and trust through my practice for immediate or ongoing care please call 212-532-8278.

Both Dr. Barrett and Dr. Guarino are Board Certified Podiatrists who have been associates in my practice for over 15 years and colleagues for over 20 years. The office will continue to accept traditional Medicare, Medicare HMO, and most commercial insurance plans.

Dr. Joseph S. Fox

We're grateful that you've chosen our office to help you with your foot problems. We do our best to provide quality, prompt and courteous medical and surgical care. We've designed this website to answer frequent questions that potential patients will have when exploring their foot care options and trying to determine what their condition may be. We also hope that you will notice the scope of practice we offer as demonstrated by our commitment to using the most modern techniques to give you the best result with the most comfort.

The practice of Dr. Joseph S. Fox P.C is located in one of the most prestigious areas of New York City in the heart of Greenwich Village on 5th Avenue and East 10th Street, serving the tri state community for over 33 years. The office of Dr. Fox prides itself in seeing patients within 24 hours for an appointment or immediately for any emergencies.

Joseph Fox, DPMDr. Fox is currently on staff at New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weil Cornell as an attending surgical and clinical instructor for medical and surgical conditions of the foot and ankle. Although Dr. Fox is not seeing patients at this time, he is actively involved in managing his practice. They are available to treat patients for all foot and ankle conditions, with skill and professionalism.

33 5th Avenue Podiatry is a comprehensive center of excellence in treating both foot and ankle conditions, utilizing advanced diagnostic and medical equipment. Diagnostic xrays, physical therapy and advanced laser surgery for nails and warts are all available on premises.

33 5th Avenue Podiatry can diagnosis and treat all conditions that affect the foot, and ankle. This includes all skin and nail conditions, sports medicine and traumatic injuries, diabetic wound care and laser surgery for nails and warts. Surgery, if necessary, utilizes advanced techniques for the correction of bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, neuromas and metatarsal conditions.

We specialize in the medical and surgical treatment of foot and ankle conditions in seniors, adults, and children, such as:

33 Fifth Avenue Podiatry

Cutting Edge Technology

Heel Pain Center
We have many treatment options for dealing with heel pain.
  New York City Heel Pain Center
Computerized Orthotic Laboratory
We now offer the state of the art computerized orthotic fabrication.
  New York City Orthotics
Soft-Tissue Ultrasound
We use sonography for diagnoses of plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, neuromas, cysts and certain tumors.
  New York City Ultrasound
Diabetic Shoe Program
33 Fifth Avenue Podiatry offers custom, orthopedic shoes which are measured and selected right in our offices.
  Medicare Diabetic Shoe Program